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This May, during Mental Health Awareness Month, AFSP is encouraging our audience to demand #MoreForMentalHealth. We are empowering people to stand together to help make a difference, and we want you to get involved. The toolkit below provides sample social media messages and an assortment of graphics to help you encourage your followers to demand more openness in addressing mental health and advocating for legislation that we know will save lives.

Sample Social Media Messages

We need improved access to mental health support, services, and understanding. Join us in raising your voice to advocate for the legislation and policies that we know through research save lives. Get involved at

Take action to demand #MoreForMentalHealth by creating your own graphic to share out on social media! Customize your message, choose the colors, and add your handle for a personalized touch. Head on over to the generator to make it happen:

May is #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth! 💙 The time has come to demand #MoreForMentalHealth and suicide prevention. Sign up to become a mental health advocate with @AFSPnational and raise your voice at

Are you still looking for more?
Download even more graphics and head over to Share Your Demand where you can find more examples of what AFSP is demanding for mental health and create your own.