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To Americans with mental health (that’s all of you),

The past two years have demonstrated that anyone can experience a mental health challenge – and many have. Our mental health is just as real as our physical health, and it’s something we all must care for – from childhood through adulthood – in ourselves, among our friends and family, and in our communities.

Studies show that one in five of us will experience a mental health condition this year. Nearly half of us will experience one in our lifetimes. And suicide remains one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. There is no shame in acknowledging a mental health challenge, whether it’s a temporary experience or a chronic condition. We all have mental health.

Together, there are ways to create greater awareness of caring for mental health and to recognize that none of us are alone in what we may be going through.

It’s time to demand #MoreForMentalHealth

The time has come for each of us to get involved, demand mental health for all, and advocate for the legislation and policies that we KNOW through research – save lives. It’s time for:

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we need YOU: To become informed. To get involved. To raise your voice. To spread the word. To enlist your friends, family, or social media followers. And we need you to join us in demanding more for mental health.

Robert Gebbia Robert Gebbia CEO, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Saul Levin, M.D. Saul Levin, M.D. CEO, American Psychiatric Association
Arthur C. Evans Jr., PhD Arthur C. Evans Jr., PhD CEO, American Psychological Association
Bill Smith Bill Smith Founder, Inseparable
Schroeder Stribling Schroeder Stribling President and CEO, Mental Health America
Daniel H. Gillison, Jr. Daniel H. Gillison, Jr. CEO, National Alliance on Mental Illness
Charles Ingoglia, MSW Charles Ingoglia, MSW CEO, National Council for Mental Wellbeing
Tyler Norris, MDiv Tyler Norris, MDiv CEO, Well Being Trust
Andy Keller, PhD Andy Keller, PhD President and CEO, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute

Open letter, published in The New York Times on May 1, 2022.